Letter: Warning Signs on Slayton Hill

To the Editor:

It is no surprise to me that Slayton Hill Road now lies at the bottom of Slayton Hill. I have lived at the top of the hill for 10-plus years and have seen many washouts with much less rain. I am angry because I was one of the last people to go up that hill, minutes (maybe seconds) before it gave way. I had my two granddaughters with me and their lives were put at risk.

Why didn’t I turn around? Well, it wasn’t an option, as there were huge torrents of water on both sides of the road with about 10 to 12 feet of road left in the center. I had to get us out of the way as quickly as possible. Over the years that I’ve traveled Slayton Hill Road, town crews have spent countless hours working on the drainage , but it n ever got any better. The warning signs were all there, but they weren’t taken seriously and lives were put in danger.

Roberta Storm



Flash Floods Hammer Lebanon; Rivermere Residents Evacuated

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lebanon — Flash flooding hammered the city for a second straight day yesterday, forcing Lebanon firefighters to evacuate 24 people from the newly opened Rivermere affordable housing complex when a brook overflowed and destroyed a nearby portion of Slayton Hill Road. Elsewhere in the city, a stretch of Bank Street was damaged, streets in West Lebanon were closed by flooding …

Storm Rips Roads in Lebanon

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Lebanon — Public Works and utility crews hauled tons of dirt and sawed off trees still clinging to power lines on a washed-out Slayton Hill Road yesterday in what is sure to be a long, citywide cleanup process. “It’s incredible to see the power of nature,” Lebanon Fire Chief Chris Christopoulos said yesterday of the nearly two inches of rainfall …