Audio Podcast: Singing Valentines Surprise

Have you listened to our first-ever audio podcast?

Podcaster Liz Faiella captured a quartet from the North Country Chordsmen yesterday delivering a surprise singing valentine to Dartmouth College student Blake Osborn at the Collis Center for Student Involvement.

It was one of nearly 90 performances delivered by six quartets of the chordsmen around the Upper Valley.

Listen to the podcast above, and read the full story under the "Related Stories" section below.

(Pictured in the photos accompanying the podcast, from left to right, are tenor David Bagley, 53, of Windsor; lead Dan Falcone, 40, of Plainfield; bass Gary Richardson, 77, of Perkinsville, Vt.; and baritone Bruce Johnson, 72, of New London.)


Kind Hearts and Quartets: Barbershop Singers Deliver Valentine’s Day Serenades in Upper Valley

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

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