Letter: Don’t Let Airport Expand

To the Editor:

The city of Lebanon wants to be a sustainable community, according to a recent mailing from our city offices. I’ve long been grateful for the money and effort our community has put forth to create what we now have; thank you especially to the people who’ve grown up here and have helped our children to experience what a great small town this is. We continue to face tremendous pressures to grow and provide infrastructure not just for our own residents, but also for an expanding Upper Valley community. Perhaps we’ve passed a tipping point and much of Lebanon’s future is no longer in our hands.

The Lebanon airport remains one operation over which we can still act to preserve the relative calm we now have and contain noise pollution. The shriek and roar of planes coming and going bounces off the surrounding hills and affects all of us in our homes and yards here in Lebanon. We are now faced with a decision to expand the airport to allow more air traffic. Why would we want to do this? What is sustainable about increasing noise and reducing peace and quiet?

Some have written to this paper stating that we will lose jobs if we do not allow more noise pollution from the airport.

I remember when the tannery closed down, and we lost those jobs. Once located in sight of our downtown green, the tannery and its particular smell are not missed.

I hope we can sustain and build on the wonderful city we have here by providing jobs that enhance the value of our neighborhoods and the quality of life we now have, and that Upper Valley citizens will use cars or the quite convenient buses and trains when we need to come and go. An expanded airport will not improve Lebanon.

Woody Rothe