Diverted Traffic Ties Up Streets While Lines Fixed

Lebanon — Problems along Interstate 89 because of downed utility lines near Exit 19 and a fatal accident at Exit 18 were felt throughout Lebanon.

Traffic was diverted along feeder roads such as Route 4, and several merchants in Miracle Mile Plaza lost Internet and phone service because a Comcast line was cut, and as a result could not process credit card charges electronically.

“The phone lines and Internet went down around 10,” said Melissa Perkins, an administrative assistant at Fields of Vision Eyecare. “Patients who wanted to contact us couldn’t, and there were a couple of patients who were late because they were stuck in traffic. We used our cell phones to call Dartmouth and a couple of local doctors that we do business with to let them know that we were down.”

Huberts Family Outfitters also was affected by the outage.

“We didn’t lose any business because we were able to go back to the tried-and-true, Stone Age credit card machine,” said John Tostenson, who works at Huberts Family Outfitters. “According to Comcast, the line was severed, but we were back online by 2:15 or so.”

However, one business appreciated the increased traffic. Tanya Boisvert runs a food truck in Lebanon called Boisvert’s Curbside Kitchen.

“It’s too bad about the back up, but we might get more people coming by because of the traffic,” Boisvert said.

Keith Leblanc was one such customer.

“I would normally eat lunch in West Lebanon, but today I decided to eat (at Boisvert’s Curbside Kitchen),” he said.

Jeremy Pelletier, of Hartford, described the traffic as “slow and hot.”

Temperatures in Lebanon were in the mid to upper 80s by the time the highway reopened around noon. Pelletier said he pulled over to a gas station to get a cold drink and some snacks to stave off the heat.

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