Letter: Al Patterson Would Be an Asset

To the Editor:

The upcoming Lebanon School Board elections come at a critical time for our community. We need intelligent, focused and committed individuals with the proper experience to help run our schools. In my opinion, Al Patterson, who has had previous experience serving on the Lebanon School Board, is an excellent candidate. It has been a pleasure getting to know Al, a resident of Lebanon and a police officer in Hanover. As an active member of the Lebanon community, he is aware of issues. His experience gives him the tools to address these issues and the many challenges that will arise. I have found that he works very hard to connect with people and does everything within his power to seek people out and listen. This builds trust and credibility with his constituents, a commendable trait for an elected official, and ensures that our collective voices will be heard. It is my belief you would be hard-pressed to find someone more willing to dedicate himself to serving the community than Al Patterson. I believe he will be an asset to the Lebanon School Board.

Ramzi Hraibi

West Lebanon