Grafton 4-H History Sought

North Haverhill — Organizers planning an exhibit at the North Haverhill Fair are seeking help from Grafton County 4-H alumni. The exhibit, chronicling the history of 4-H in Grafton County, will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Cooperative Extension and the 70th anniversary of the fair.

Grafton County UNH Cooperative Extension is looking for the following 4-H related items: stories, photographs, memorabilia, former clubs’ charters or flags, projects made in 4-H more than 10 years ago,

The items will be archived and marked. Depending on the owner’s preference, they will be returned after the event or added to the University of New Hampshire’s historical collection.

Organizers also hope to discover the locations of 4-H Club houses in the county that are no longer used by 4-H-ers and learn about former leaders.

“We want to honor those leaders and members who have made the program a strong part of our heritage, as well as showcase the accomplishments of our 4-H alumni,” organizers said in a recent news release.

As far as they can tell, 4-H started in the county around 1920. Their records about leaders goes back to about 1940.

The National 4-H History Project and the second edition of Stories from the Heart, a book about 4-H, are also seeking human interest stories and contacts with alumni.

For more information, or to provide an item or information, contact Kathy Jablonski at the Grafton County UNH Cooperative Extension office, 3855 Dartmouth College Highway, Box 5, North Haverhill, NH 03774, 603-787-6944, or

— Staff report