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Letter: Disappointing Choice of Stories

To the Editor:

I was very anxious to pick up last Monday’s Valley News from my delivery box. It was Veterans Day — a day to celebrate all of our past and present wonderful men and women who have served our country. My father, who is a World War II veteran, is one of those wonderful people.

We had expected to see some mention, story or even a photo of war veterans being thanked, commemorated or even mentioned on that edition’s front page. Instead, what did you publish? Yes, again, and in poor taste, almost a quarter of your front-page was devoted to a photo package about three generations of one family of hunters loading a dead dear into a vehicle! I do not mean to take away from this family’s accomplishment. However, for the general public, which I assume you publish for, it would have been wonderful if you could have had three generations of veterans on your front page instead.

Gaynell Ciccarelli



Three Generations of Hunters

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Derrick Wheeler, left of Hartford, his grandfather Dave Derrick, middle of Wilder, and his father, David Wheeler of Hartford, load a deer Derrick took during Vermont’s Youth Deer Weekend. In the second photograph, Derrick Wheeler looks on as Jill Metivier, of Steve’s Bait Shop in North Hartland weighs his deer Sunday. Derrick Wheeler, 12, has been hunting with his dad …