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Obituary: Maureen Casey

Hartland Four Corners, Vt. — A Celebration of the life of Maureen Casey will be held in Hartland Four Corners on Monday, May 19 beginning at 5 p.m. in the Hartland UU church then moving to Maureen’s gardens across the street for a special brook side ceremony at 6 p.m., and then back across the street to the Skunk at 6:30 p.m. for a private opening and light refreshment until 8.

Maureen was the owner, creative spirit, and designer of Casey’s Tavern where she lived from 1969-1977. Casey’s Tavern today is the Skunk Hollow Tavern. Maureen also inspired the Hartland Experiment which offered free courses on the evenings they were closed on varied subjects. Medieval literature taught by Medievalist professor George Metes, fencing taught by the Captain of the U.S. Olympic fencing team and subjects of political interest sometimes by then Governor Thomas Salmon speaking on state policy were among the offerings. The Governor during the Hartland Experiment time was a regular patron. Maureen’s cooking was bait for the speakers who always were served a special Maureen made to order meal before their presentation.

Maureen was known for her artistic instinct, those wonderful cooking skills, delightful lightening rye wit and her beautiful gardens where she would be seen crawling about from last frost to first frost, most years, from 1969 to 2013. Her gardens were her main and first lifetime passion. Some believe, Maureen’s beautiful spirit will still be tending her gardens.

Friends and family should email Reverend Paul Sawyer or Maureen’s own email if they have further questions.