Hartland Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: 593

Number on Checklist: 2,430

Town Moderator: Patricia Richardson

Selectboard 3 yrs: Gordon Richardson

Selectboard 2 yrs: Thomas White

Lister: Patricia L. Rosson

First Constable: James D. Dow

Town Grand Juror: Judith L. Howland

Town Agent: Judith L. Howland

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Colleen Lannon

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Bonnie Sargent

Library Trustee 1 yr: Kristi Clemens

School Moderator: Patricia Richardson

School Director 3 yrs: Nancy Gabriel

School Director 2 yrs: Daniel P. Emanuele


Hartland Traffic Project Approved

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hartland — Amid the traffic jam of questions about the $450,000 plan to realign the town’s main intersection at Route 5, Route 12 and Quechee Road, Derek Levin couldn’t resist asking one that didn’t involve money or safety or aesthetics. “What are we going to call that place?” Levin asked at Town Meeting on Tuesday. “It won’t be (Hartland) Three …