Letter: Grateful for the Attention

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the helpfulness and dedication of the Hartford Fire Department. On a Friday evening at 10, the smoke alarms in our home began to chirp. After ascertaining that there was no apparent fire, we changed the batteries, but the chirping did not stop. Not sure if there was a serious issue not apparent to us, we called the fire department. Following the suggestion that a member of the fire department come to our home, a man named Tom arrived with his detector and walked around our home, both inside and outside, and confirmed that there were no issues. He proceeded to change the alarm batteries with new batteries that he brought with him but to no avail.

Based on the alarm’s written directions that a 30-second chirp could indicate a malfunctioning alarm, we were convinced that was the situation with one or more of the five alarms. Tom informed us that the fire department recommends that alarms be changed every 10 years. Since our alarms were eight years old and one or more was malfunctioning, we decided to have all alarms changed. So that we would not spend the weekend without alarms, Tom returned to the firehouse, obtained a portable alarm and brought it to our home to use until we could obtain new ones the following week. We are most grateful for this careful attention and dedication so graciously and professionally offered by our local fire department.

Dorie and Joe Porcelli