Letter: ‘Homemade Happiness’ at Valley Terrace

To the Editor:

Sept. 8-14 is National Assisted Living Week across the United States. Established in 1995, the week provides a unique opportunity for residents, families, staff, volunteers and the surrounding community to come together to give residents a variety of exciting events and activities that show them how much we care about and love them. The theme this year is “Homemade Happiness.”

At Valley Terrace Assisted Living, we will be hosting many special events. The week will start with a garden party with music on Grandparents Day, Sunday, Sept. 8. Events the rest of the week include portraits by the caricaturist Chuck Rak on Monday; Vermont Humanities program about Louisa May Alcott on Tuesday; antique car show on Wednesday; formal dinner with Marko on Thursday; art show and cocktail party on Friday; and an open house with a wine tasting party on Saturday.

We are very proud of Valley Terrace Assisted Living, and we want to share this special place with our surrounding community to let them know the pride and happiness that exists in our home. Creating happiness in our home for both residents and staff is a daily occurrence. During National Assisted Living Week, we hope that we can create even more happy moments for all those who call our community home.

Thank you for your support.

Bobbi Trombley

Activity Director, Valley Terrace Assisted Living

White River Junction