Hartford Selectboard, School Board to Hold Joint Meeting Tonight

Hartford — The Hartford Selectboard and School Board will hold its first joint meeting since last winter at the Wilder Center tonight.

Selectboard Chairman Chuck Wooster said Architect David Laurin will give an update on the community recreation projects in town, which fall under the $9.5 million bond that was passed during Town Meeting in March.

The projects include the Maxfield property athletic fields, renovations to the Wendell A. Barwood Arena and construction of a new track and turf field, among others.

Together the boards will also examine the town/school Charter and “the question will be, ‘is there anything we want to look at further or not?’ ” Wooster said. The Charter that was adopted five years ago.

Paired with that, the boards will examine the town/school meeting committee, that was established by the Charter — with the goal of increasing participation at Town Meeting and other town functions. Wooster said the boards will “check in” with the committee and see what its working on and “how it’s going.”

Wooster said the purpose of joint meetings are for both boards to discuss and collaborate on town projects. He said 10 minutes will be allotted to each agenda item and a joint meeting schedule will be developed.

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. The Wilder Center is located on the corner of Route 5 and Gillette Street in Wilder Village.