Letter: A Story for All Ages

To the Editor:

I saw the film 42 recently, and because of my age and background — 75 years old from Brooklyn — was only sorry it was so short.

As we left the theater, however, I asked the ticket fellow and the popcorn guy if they had seen the film. They hadn’t. I said, “It was about Jackie Robinson!” No reaction. My friend reminded me that it was a very long time ago and at their age, they would not necessarily have an interest in that ballplayer or that story. I nodded that I understood.

But I’ve given it some thought. I understand, but I don’t agree. This movie is a must for youngsters who have learned about bad things happening to black people from books and lectures and maybe a little television. This film would be a better way to drive the truth home, I think, and learn about a great ballplayer, to boot.

Judith Rocchio