West Windsor Town Meeting 2013 Results

West Windsor

Number of Voters: 170

Number on Checklist: 794

Town Moderator: Matt Birmingham

Selectboard: Glenn Seward

Town Clerk: Cathy Archibald

Treasurer: Cathy Archibald

Lister: Susan Hines

Auditor: Barbara Gerstner

Delinquent Tax Collector: Ralph Johnson

Town Grand Juror: Matt Birmingham

First Constable: Ralph Johnson

Second Constable: Bill Young

Town Agent: Matt Birmingham

Campbell Fund Trustee: Jim Kenyon

School Director: Arthur Keating

School Moderator: Matt Birmingham

School Treasurer: Cathy Archibald


West Windsor Voters Deny Funding to After-School Program

Monday, March 4, 2013

West Windsor — Voters approved both the $2.4 million school budget and $970,916 combined general fund and highway budget yesterday, along with about $101,000 in separate appropriations for the town. The only defeat, 55-40, was an article that sought $10,000 for an after-school program. Supporters said it was a small price to pay for a valuable community service that will …