Letter: Hartford Should Welcome Dogs and Their Owners

To the Editor:

A recent Valley News article, “Hartford Adds Rules for Public Use,” included topics, issues and concerns discussed in detail at a recent Hartford Selectboard meeting with a focus on use of public lands. In reading the article, it was clear to me that the restricted use of Hartford public lands by dog owners was extreme, diminishing cooperation among neighbors.

Does the Hartford Selectboard have another safety concern in the use of Hartford public lands? I suspect there is another concern that needs to be addressed separately from dog owners and their dogs.

The article included reference to a Hanover law that states, “animals must be ‘within the owners’ control, which means a leash is not required if they are well behaved and obey voice commands.’ ” This is a sensible law a community can follow. Is it possible for the Hartford Selectboard to take a closer look at the Hanover law? If so, I think Hartford would be a more respectful and welcoming community for families who have dogs and choose to live there.

Holly Hall

White River Junction