Letter: Thanks to Foster Parents

To the Editor:

May is National Foster Care Month, and we at the Department for Children and Families Family Services Division would like to take this opportunity to thank foster and kinship parents in our community for their hard work and dedication to families across our region.

The Family Services Division is committed to keeping children connected to their families, communities and schools. Foster and kinship families help us keep this commitment by opening their homes and their hearts to children in need. They provide safe and nurturing temporary homes for children, support parents as they work toward reunifying with their children and truly make a difference in their lives.

Their commitment leaves an indelible mark on families for generations, and we are extremely grateful for their dedication. Because of them, we are able to live up to our mission to “keep local kids local.” Being able to stay in their own schools — with their friends, teachers, after school activities, and familiar surroundings — can make a huge difference in the lives of children and youth in foster care.

We hope you will take a minute to thank the foster and kinship parents you know for the important work they do!

For more information on becoming a foster parent, please contact Deanna Rounds at 802-295-8840 or email me at Deanna.rounds@state.vt.us

Deanna Rounds

Resource Coordinator, DCF-Family Services