Letter: A Good View Spoiled

To the Editor:

How would you like wake up some morning to find a white tower sticking 40 feet above the tree line in the middle of your previously unspoiled view of the New Hampshire and Vermont hills? We discovered that this tower is really a 125-foot-high cell tower disguised as a flag pole. This cell tower is on Dartmouth property in Centerra, was sponsored by Dartmouth Regional Technology Center, Inc. and provides rental income to a Dartmouth entity. Correspondence with technology-center personnel during the last month has proved fruitless and, in some cases, quite inaccurate (for example, the assertion that the technology center was “not involved in the development of this facility”). In addition, two communications to Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon have gone unanswered.

While it appears that the cell tower was processed legally through the Lebanon boards, the sponsors basically dismissed our town manager’s request that it be constructed in a manner that would be less noticeable and less jarring from the higher elevations in our town. As a result, rather than a green tree-like tower, we now have a flag pole rising like a white finger 30 to 40 feet above tree line and will soon, we understand, have a large flag waving from it.

Our request is quite simple:

∎ Please paint the flagpole a dark green so it blends in with the green trees.

∎ Please avoid hoisting a flag above the tree line.

Before this issue becomes the Upper Valley’s equivalent of a Northern Pass, we hope that all parties concerned can work out a solution that is based on common sense and a spirit of neighborliness. I am sure that other residents who own properties with views on both sides of the river share our concern and do not want to look at a white cell tower for the next 100 years.

Thomas P. Hall



Letter: A Banner Cause, of Sorts

Thursday, October 17, 2013

To the Editor: It was so very sad to read Thomas Hall’s letter “A Good View Spoiled” (Oct. 15). That a flagpole has been raised “like a white finger,” marring his previously unspoiled view of the New Hampshire and Vermont hills is unconscionable and outrageous. Where’s the justice? And to receive no response from Dartmouth’s president regarding the travesty? Insult …