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Letter: Hanover’s Limited Help for Veterans

To the Editor:

In response to the Dec. 4 Valley News article “In Hanover, Vets Get Helping Hand,” I’d like to make some comments regarding the tax credit available to veterans living in Hanover. I am a Navy veteran who served honorably from 1983 to 1987 on a destroyer in the Pacific Ocean with many excursions into the East China Sea, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Aden, which are all considered “hot zones” by all accounts. I was intrigued by the town’s recent increase of the veterans’ tax credit to $500, so I decided to apply at Town Hall and was dismayed when the clerk told me I did not qualify for the credit because I did not “serve during a recognized conflict.” So, if you are a veteran who served during the Vietnam conflict, but was an administrative clerk stationed in Alabama, you qualify for the tax credit, but if you served on a destroyer in the Persian Gulf in 1985 during the Iran-Iraq conflict, you do not qualify?

Either you open the tax credit to all veterans who served honorably and put themselves in harm’s way, or you don’t offer it at all. I applaud Robert Chambers’ and Danielle Goodwin’s efforts to help the town’s veterans and hope they will lobby Hanover to open this tax credit to all veterans, not just those who happened to serve during a “recognized conflict.” If they’re efforts are successful, I will gladly donate half my credit to Project VetCare, the organization Goodwin and Chambers established this year to advocate for veterans.

Kevin Mabey