Letter: The Big Green Endowment

The Big Green Endowment

To the Editor:

Is Christopher Schons’ commentary (“Dartmouth’s Investment Practices Raise Troubling Questions,” May 18) a clarion call to action? He urges readers to call for change to the college’s investment policy. This seems a good way to get action instead of the handwringing over Greek letter groups’ bad practices and the repeated lack of interest in equality for minorities and those with alternative lifestyles.

Do the investment procedures of the college tell us more about its mission? The wonderful new buildings that have appeared in recent years, which use only the most elegant materials, seem to make a statement about the use of money at the college. Should we in the community be looking at this kind of outlay and thinking about the college’s employment practices as well as the school’s inability to reign in social practices that make Dartmouth a “party school?” Action needs to be taken. Perhaps looking at the endowment would be a more mature and effective way to go.

Barbara Taylor