Letter: Vote Cryans for Executive Councilor

To the Editor:

There’s an important vote on Tuesday. The voters of the northern half of New Hampshire will elect a new member to the state Executive Council replacing the late Ray Burton. This group of five councilors works closely with the governor in many ways as a co-equal, since she can do little without their approval. They are the eyes and ears of their constituents in watching the operations in Concord. Council approval is required for every state contract greater than $10,000 and for the appointment of every judge and commissioner. And that’s not all that they do. Although the council dates from the late 17th century, its contemporary importance for the good functioning of our state cannot be overstated.

Mike Cryans is seeking that position and needs your vote. He was born here and is a lifelong resident. As a friend, I know him to be principled, rational, and honest, and (obviously) very caring about our state; an example of this attitude is his years of service as executive director of Headrest here in the Upper Valley. Significantly, Mike worked side by side with Ray Burton for 16 years — what an apprenticeship! Ray Burton worked in a balanced nonpartisan fashion for the good of the state as a whole; Mike will do the same. This election is on Tuesday. Voting is especially important to prevent a small minority with a fringe viewpoint from taking the election. As an “off-date” election, many won’t bother. Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans.

Robert Heathcote Russell