Letter: Yes for Ray School Renovations

To the Editor:

The Hanover Ray School is in need of repair. The school year began with two unusable classrooms, as they had been flooded the weekend prior to school opening. Over the course of the fall and winter, the library roof continually leaked, as well as the roof over several classrooms and the administrative offices. The PA system is antiquated, and emergency announcements are not guaranteed to reach all classrooms. The “temporary” portable classrooms we have had for more than 15 years are not adequately secured, or well insulated. The school is not to code with fire safety or disability-access needs. Security measures need to be updated. We are pouring out good money to heat and cool a building with areas of single-pane glass, and doors with broken thresholds. The Ray School is 45 years old. The last major repairs were done in 1994. It is time to re-invest in our infrastructure, and many of the repairs will pay for themselves over time.

I had the good fortune of attending the Ray School myself, when it was only 10 years old. My peers and I spent school days in a building with doors that shut, and a roof that kept us dry. The next generation deserves as much.

Please join me in support of our school, and vote “Yes” to Article 2 of the Hanover School District budget on March 4.

Kerry Artman