Letter: Alswell Farm: A Family Story

To the Editor:

Your Dec. 27 article on the historic Alswell Farm in Hanover Center was of great interest to me and to my family, because we’d be very happy to see those conservation efforts fulfilled and the land protected through conservation.

I’m writing to tell you also that the farm is of great personal interest to my family because we were part of that farming culture for nearly 30 years. I realize the article was written with the purpose of bringing attention to the historical value and the efforts to preserve the land, but I wanted to comment on the fact that my family was part of the history of continuous farming.

My aunt and uncle, Helen and Joe Fogg, operated a dairy farm there during the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s, selling the main buildings and some land to the present owner and building a smaller house for themselves nearby in 1969.

I have written about the farm in various publications, one of which was a family history/cookbook/memoir collection; the Lebanon Historical Society recently purchased a copy of that book. I’ve always had a passion for the farm, and I’ve also written about it for a magazine, in poem form. The farm has had a major impact on our lives and certainly on the lives of my cousins who were raised there, just as were the 10 children of the original owner. The Foggs held onto that property for several years, maintaining and farming it, and I wish they could have been acknowledged in your article, though I do recognize the purpose of your piece was not to present the entire history. Thank you for your report and your contribution to the efforts to keep the land protected from further development.

Nancy R. Carr



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