Letter: Value of Walk-In Clinics

To the Editor:

Due to personal experience, I applaud the positive opinion expressed in the Dec. 11 editorial regarding the value of the concept of “retail medicine” as is now available in some CVS stores in New Hampshire.

Earlier this year, I attended a conference in Hendersonville, N.C. and spent the week coughing and blowing my nose. When the conference ended, my brother, who lived nearby, took me to a local CVS. I was seen by a nurse practitioner who took my vital signs, diagnosed bronchitis and sinusitis and prescribed two medications. I walked 10 feet to get them filled. Total cost: $89 plus a co-pay for the medication.

Had this service not been available, my alternatives were to try to get an appointment with my brother’s primary care provider, which could have taken days, or go the emergency room of the local hospital.

Such walk-in clinics are an excellent addition to our health care delivery system, saving money and making the best use of the expertise of our medical providers.

George Sutherland