Letter: Thanksgiving Spirit Was Missing

To the Editor:

I’m a long-time reader of the Valley News. For the most part, I enjoy the paper. I start my day with the paper and a hot cup of coffee. I ignore the occasional misspellings and mislabeled photos. Even editors can miss things.

With the Thanksgiving paper, I expected, of course, plenty of Black Friday advertising. But I also expected lots of pictures of people helping others, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving. We must have hundreds of organizations in the Upper Valley that help others during the holidays. I myself have helped deliver and serve meals. The Valley News should print some of this positive news, in part to thank these holiday volunteers and to keep them volunteering. What would we do without them?

Let’s do away with the AP filler photos, such as the “Holiday Help” photo on page 2 of the Thanksgiving Valley News, depicting volunteers delivering gift bags in Benton Harbor, Mich., and get some pictures of local folks doing their wonderful thing.

Oh, and recipes from local cooks would be more welcome than recipes from California.

John Larrabee