Letter: Taking Pride in Local History

To the Editor:

What a community win-win event happened at AVA Gallery last Saturday night. The turnout was extraordinary. Not only was the large main gallery completely filled, but the overflow media room upstairs was also standing room only.

Who would have thought a movie about bricks and specifically the Densmore Brick Co. could bring so many out on a Saturday night? Certainly, major thanks goes to Valley News staff writer Nicola Smith for her story about Stefan van Norden’s and Chris Heidelberg’s documentary, Hand of Brick: Densmore Brick Company — A Look Back. But the stars of the evening were the various and varied members of the community who came to learn about the amazing workers, many of whom were present at the event, and to take pride a vital and unheralded part of Upper Valley history. The evening reflected all of the best reasons why we love to live in the Upper Valley. Thanks to everyone involved.

Barbara H. Jones



When Lebanon Made Bricks

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

After Coogan Boutin was discharged from the service at the end of World War II, he came home to Lebanon and got a job working at the Densmore Brick Co. The work was grueling but the pay was decent. And he was in good company. His older brother Adrian “Boots” Boutin was the foreman, and four other brothers also worked …