Letter: The GOP Must Offer an Alternative

To The Editor:

In the wake of the Republican Party’s election debacle, pundits and talking heads are quick to offer advice as to where the party should go from here. They are saying that the Republican Party must moderate its views and platform to be more “inclusive” of the groups that voted for the Democratic Party. If the Republican Party heeds this advice, it will irretrievably consign itself to the junk heap of political history.

The Republican Party must do right away what it failed to do after John McCain lost in 2008. It must separate itself from the establishment moderates who have given us the likes of John McCain and now Mitt Romney. Then it must craft aggressive conservative proposals as alternatives to the “transformational” message now coming from the Democratic Party. The message has to provide demonstrable concepts and solutions that are not dependent upon federal government largesse and that meet everyone’s needs and aspirations. Finally, it must find a credible conservative voice to explain to the people why conservative-based solutions to problems are far superior to solutions imposed from above by a “beneficent” federal government.

John McCain and Mitt Romney were not conservatives. Neither one understood what conservatism is and why it offers people a brighter future. The Republican Party did not have a meaningful message of credible, consistent conservative-principle-based solutions to the problems facing this country. As a result, McCain and Romney were defeated in elections that should have been gimmes.

If the Republican Party tries to imitate the Democrat Party by pandering to a variety of interest groups with interest-group-specific solutions, it will fail. If it presents an alternative message that all people can relate to and a voice that can explain the alternatives in compelling terms, it will ultimately prevail. I continue to believe that the vast preponderance of Americans believe in self-reliance, hard work and personal success and that a redistributionist-based government is inherently wrong. I do not believe that the vast preponderance of Americans are ready to accept the condition of the country today as the new norm.

Alan Tanenbaum