Letter: Grateful to the Road Crew

To the Editor:

Thank you for your article highlighting the Hanover Public Works Department and Chris Berry in particular (“Early Start, Late Finish,” Jan. 7). Chris’ fine work makes it possible for us and for our neighbors to make the scenic commute into town less of a nail-biter and more enjoyable during the very unpredictable winter weather months. While it is gratifying to witness one’s hard-earned tax dollars being used appropriately, we do sincerely appreciate Chris’ professionalism and willingness to drive many miles and long hours keeping our winding, hilly road safe and passable. We are grateful!

Susan M. Sorensen



Early Start, Late Finish: Road Crews in Overdrive

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hanover — On the way to the southeastern-most outskirts of town Monday afternoon, Chris Berry steered his public-works truck with one hand and with the other counted the number of runs he’d driven since 9:30 Sunday night. Berry’s job is to spread sand on dirt roads that are closer to downtown Enfield than downtown Hanover. “This is … let’s see: …