Letter: Those ‘Critical’ Positions in Claremont

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the Dec. 18 Valley News article concerning the hiring of “three student services coordinator” (“New Faculty Spots Sought In Claremont.”)

I was puzzled as to what such a position en tails. Are there three students who require services coordinating, or are three students coordinated at the same time? I read a little further and found out that three positions, not one, were “not just a nice thing to have” but “critical to student needs.”

How did the school system function in the past without these critical positions? The article is filled with generalities but no specifics. Example: unnamed courses with enrollment of “half what they could be.” What about the middle school students who didn’t have their special needs identified in grade school — another need identified at the School Board meeting. Are they all dropouts? We are told that the cost of the new hires will be offset by the elimination of five other positions. Are these five positions “critical” or “nice to have”? I contend that during these economic times there should be no nice-to-have positions. And finally we are told that the three positions will “pay for themselves.” At least the Claremont taxpayer is not being told that the hiring will save each household $2,500 per year!

Gregor Fellers



New Faculty Spots Sought In Claremont

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Claremont — Superintendent Middleton McGoodwin told the School Board Wednesday night that his proposal to hire three student services coordinator for the elementary schools next year at a cost of $345,000 is critical to student needs at that grade level. “This is not just a nice thing to have,” McGoodwin said. “These positions are essential for the elementary schools. “ …