Letter: Building Together in Mascoma

To the Editor:

In today’s times, standing for what we believe in and sharing our beliefs with the general public is risky but more important than ever. Mascoma school renovation has long been debated within our community. This subject has created allies and has divided neighbors from one another. However, the related discussions, and rallying for support from both sides of the issue, is what democracy is all about. The “nay” voters have had their say in the past and now the “aye” voters have had theirs. It is now time to move forward with our new allies and repair the division between neighbors. We can work together to ensure that every dollar spent on the renovation will be justified and account for a better education system. Let us all now use the passion that we have long expressed for our sides of the debate and carry it forward together, working to build our community into a better place to call home. A special thanks to the editor for publishing both sides of this subject.

David J. Tupper Jr.