Enfield Town Meeting 2014 Results


Number of Voters: na

Number on Checklist: na

Moderator: David Beaufait

Selectboard: John W. Kluge

Town Clerk: Carolee T. Higbee

Treasurer: Sasha Holland

Trustee of Trust Funds: Cynthia Hollis

Cemetery Trustee: Mary E. Quintana

Fire Ward: B. Fred Cummings

Library Trustee 3 yrs: Philip Cronenwett

Zoning Board of Adjustment 3 yrs: na

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Annabelle Bamforth

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Gayle Hulva

Budget Committee 3 yrs: Mike Lorrey

Supervisor of the Checklist: Nancy A. White

School Moderator: Bonnie J. Haubrich

School Treasurer: Wendy Huntley


Enfield Results Awaited on Zoning Amendments

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Enfield — Voters were deciding seven zoning amendments on Tuesday, but as of 11 p.m., results were still not available because the town had to print additional paper ballots and count them by hand. Town Planner Scott Osgood said last month that all zoning amendments are just “technical” changes that bring consistency and add definitions. The articles call for numerous …