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Letter: How We Cultivate Violence

To the Editor:

Hurrah to Dr. Jim Filiano and his excellent op-ed commentary in the Dec. 19 Valley News, “A Culture That Nurtures Future Murderers.” I have believed for a very long time that the violent nature of many video games, movies, books, etc. are a big problem. I have been a neuro-rehabilitation nurse much of my career and understand what Filiano is saying about the brain.

Add to that the idea that children should be protected from all negative emotions in school and that they do not learn at home that there can be consequences to their behavior. How can we expect these children to cope in the adult world when they are no longer protected by schools and parents?

Of late, I have been particularly disturbed by a TV ad that depicts children sitting in a circle in a room that appears to be a classroom with an adult who is questioning them about two being better than one. One child agrees because if there is a laser coming out of only one eye there will be some damage, but with two lasers coming out of both eyes, there will be a big explosion. There are gestures that emphasize all of this. Clearly the child believes that the big explosion is better. Oddly, I cannot tell you what the message is advertising, because I can’t get past that child being so excited about causing more damage.

I’d like to think there will be more discussions about these topics, along with those on gun control.

Mary Daly



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