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Letter: The Sole Path to Peace

To the Editor:

It is with great sadness and astonishment that our country faces yet another tragedy, brought about by the horrific actions of one of our own people. There will be much discussion seeking answers to the question, “Why?”

When will we, as a nation, recognize the depths of hopelessness and despair to which so many of our people, especially our young people, have fallen? When we will, as a nation, turn our hearts, our minds and our prayers to the only one who can effect change, our lord and savior, Jesus Christ?

These tragedies will continue, each one worse and more heinous than the last, until this once great country is literally brought to its knees in prayer to the only one who can offer his saving grace.

This Christmas season, please consider being true to the ideals of those who founded this nation on their faith in God. Attend a church of your choosing to praise the coming of the Christ child who brings the gift of peace to the hearts of all men, and wants only to save us from the evils that now infect our nation.

Deborah M. Johnson