Letter: Opera, Thanks to Catamount Arts

Compete for Norwich Grants

To the Editor:

The Norwich Women’s Club has just completed its successful spring community projects fundraiser. The money raised from the Spring Gala, together with donations from our members and the community at large, are returned to the Norwich community through grants. This year, Norwich organizations seeking funds from the Norwich Women’s Club are asked to download an application at www.norwichwomensclub.org or call me at 802-649-1549 to request an application. The deadline for these applications is May 1, with awards being made after July 1, 2014. Congratulations to Cinny Bensen, the 2014 Norwich Citizen of the Year for Service to the Community.

Carol Loveland

Finance Chair, Norwich Women’s Club


Thanks to Catamount Arts

To the Editor:

This year in St. Johnsbury, I have had the opportunity to attend most of the season’s MetOpera HD series (now showing in 66 countries). Catamount Arts has two intimate theaters for displaying in opulent high-definition color and superb sound the best of what the Metropolitan Opera of New York can offer. These are exciting productions that anyone of any educational, musical or language background can enthusiastically enjoy.

On a MetOpera Saturday it takes me only 45 minutes of traffic-free driving from Lake Fairlee to free parking within a few feet of the Catamount theaters. (A “thank you” to the adjoining Caledonian Record for that parking lot.) My wife and I may stop for a quick McDonald’s salad and coffee immediately before the show (that’s only a 200-yard detour). At the intermissions of the live telecasts and encore reruns comes good conversation and access to coffee, wine and delicious yummies from food establishments such as Dylan’s. Or, right next to the theater and refreshments room there’s a first-class little art museum to visit. After the show, St. Johnsbury offers several excellent restaurants.

This year my own tickets often come with compliments from Vermont Public Radio, a partner with Catamount Arts in supporting and offering access to MetOpera and the arts in general. Thank you, VPR! And thank you, Catamount Arts.

Jim Hughes

West Fairlee

Shame on Lebanon School Board

To the Editor:

The Valley News April 10 had two front-page stories about schools. One was about a student who had stabbed more than 20 fellow classmates in a Pittsburgh-area school. We are left wondering why these things happen and how they can be prevented from happening again. The other story was about a third-grader whose place at the Hanover Street School in Lebanon was in doubt because his father, a Windsor, resident, had not paid out-of-state tuition after gaining custody of the child and his brother (a benefactor later came forward). The School Board was ready to kick him out unless someone came up with the tuition for the remainder of the school year. Shame on the Lebanon School Board! In a world so full of sadness and hardship, the board had an opportunity to make a small difference in a child’s life, and it blew it.

Carol Steingress