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Letter: The Unseen Law-Giver

To the Editor:

A couple of decades ago, I compiled over 30 intellectual proofs of God’s existence. From the sorry state of mankind’s present immorality, I would say that these proofs went over most human heads. So let me counter with another.

Simply walk onto any college or university campus such as Dartmouth and you will see countless science buildings occupied by departments of physics, chemistry, biology or whatever. Or walk into any business research center for an aircraft, computer or drug manufacturer. One quickly realizes that these institutions and facilities worldwide constitute an investment of hundreds of billions of dollars. Their faculties and staffs likewise represent an additional investment of hundreds of billions of dollars. And what do they study? Schools study the law of gravity, Newton’s three laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamic, and so forth. Business research centers investigate every facet of natural law. Natural law is a determined set of regularities that define and govern the natural world. A synonym for law is order. And order is the fundamental mark of intelligibility.

Who made these laws? Who determined nature’s myriad regularities? Who is responsible for nature’s order? You cannot see gravity or any of the other laws. Nor can you see any of the determined regularities. Yet who would deny that they exist? Doesn’t it make sense that if you cannot see these laws, you cannot see the law-giver?

Upon the letter “s” hinges the fate of America. The First Amendment prohibits the government from enacting any law inimical to an establishment of religion (singular). America was a nation of Christians founded by Christians for Christians. Or perhaps you believe that our Founding Fathers could not distinguish between the singular and plural? Until our political elites read the Constitution and correctly interpret it (a novel idea), this nation will continue to disintegrate.

Michael W. Johnson



Letter: U.S. Not a ‘Christian Nation’

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To the Editor: The Sept. 23 letter from Michael W. Johnson of Fairlee made several statements that merit rebuttal. He wrote, “The First Amendment prohibits the government from enacting any law inimical to an establishment of religion.’ He stated that the word “religion” is singular (rather than collective,) and implied that it therefore must refer to Christianity. The actual wording …