Letter: Update on Sleeping Bag Drive

To the Editor:

I would like to update the Upper Valley on my sleeping bag drive. Thanks to many people’s strong support, I have collected over 140 sleeping bags, 15 tents and 15 electric blankets, which have been turned over to Tri-County CAP’s homeless program in Lebanon. I received over 12 handmade quilts by the Plainfield Scrappy Quilters as well. The support I received for my drive truly brought tears to my eyes; never did I imagine when I started this drive that I would get so many bags for the homeless.

For my spring drive, I will continue to collect sleeping bags but am looking for backpacks, duffle bags, etc. Also I am hoping to put together personal-hygiene bags, which would include razors, (sample size) shampoo, rinse, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, facecloth, hand towel, body soap, water bottles and items for making first-aid kits.

Once again I am willing to pick these items up if needed. I can be reached by email at mckinley5@hotmail.com or by cellphone at 603-504-5432.

And here is a huge thank you for supporting my project.

Bev McKinley



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