Letter: Beyond the Generalities

To the Editor:

Here we go again, with the same old call for “stronger” gun laws in reaction to last week’s horrific slaughter of adults and children in a quiet Connecticut town.

Surely, a more thoughtful, useful, response should include the following:

1. Greater family (and community) responsibility for early recognition and treatment of those with known tendencies toward violence.

2. Countrywide uniformity in the requirements and processing of purchase permits, to stop the multitude of unfit buyers who seek out unscrupulous gun dealers across state lines.

3. More guts on the part of legislators to stand up to the “gun lobby” and the extreme positions of the NRA. For starters, Congress should reimpose the inexplicably lapsed ban on sales of assault rifles and forbid the sale of extended ammo clips holding more than 10 rounds.

As the president said, it is time to act — time for each of us, members of the silent majority of law-abiding citizens, to pressure our representatives into action to reduce, if not eliminate, the incidence of such senseless and brutal slaughter.

Walter Paine