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Letter: Welcome to the 47 Percent Club

To the Editor:

A lot of big-name politicians and their staffs have joined the ranks of the unemployed, including Mitt Romney, Ovide Lamontagne, Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta. Now they can apply for unemployment benefits and join the 47 percent club of moochers. All is not lost. They are also eligible for food stamps and Obamacare.

As I wrote several months ago, Sen. Kelly Ayotte isn’t up to the job. She has spent almost two years politicking for Mitt Romney, and after all this time has not created any new jobs. In fact, she couldn’t even get Mitt a job.

She can’t create jobs by voting against every jobs bills presented. At this rate, 99 percent of all the people in New Hampshire will be on Social Security before she gets one person a job.

Forward, Sen. Ayotte, not backwards.

Robert Pollard