Letter: Mascoma Story Lacked Balance

To the Editor:

I was dismayed to see the Valley News publish what amounted to a front-page advertisement for a significant tax increase, the $22 million proposal to renovate Mascoma Valley Regional High (“Time to Grow at Mascoma?” March 9). The article was highly slanted, presented almost only information (much of it opinion) that supported this tax increase, and left out the opposing views almost entirely. On the editorial page, that’s your choice, but it clearly doesn’t belong on the front page without much more balanced reporting.

The reality is that this would have represented an increase in spending for a school with declining population at a time when many could least afford it. The argument that better schools attract new residents completely misses the important point that local jobs are even more important. Have you looked at your own help-wanted section?

There are virtually no skilled or professional jobs available in the Upper Valley, and for all of those who are making do on retail salaries, this would have been a very big increase that would grow yearly. I travel to Massachusetts, because that’s the closest professional work I can find. I have friends who commute to New York City for similar reasons. And, we’re the lucky ones who have anything at all. Other friends are losing their homes, due to already very high taxes.

Andrew Van Abs



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