Letter: When Was the Vote?

To the Editor:

I attended the Mascoma School Board meeting April 22 in hopes of convincing the board to consider placing Kimberly Depelteau-Tracey, newly appointed by the Canaan selectboard to fill the opening created by the death of member Dave Varney, on a committee to oversee the high school renovation. Despite the number of people who supported her, it was not to be. It seems the decision had already been made before the meeting. Apparently it had been decided that Chairman Jim Gerding, Vice Chairman Cookie Hebert and member Brewster Gove would make up this committee. This information was provided after the public session was over. No one was allowed to ask how this was voted on. In fact, several people who voiced their concerns whre asked to leave. My questions are: How did they make this decision? When did they take this vote?

Each and everyone of us deserves to know the facts. This board is representing the people of the Mascoma district, all of the people, and it is spending our tax dollars. The biggest question is: Are they listening?

Virginia L. Carroll