Letter: Pay Raises in Cornish

To the Editor:

It was with great interest that I read Valley News staff writer Mark Davis’ article of March 2 regarding the proposed Cornish town budget. I am a member of the Finance Committee and in that role work with the selectmen as they prepare the budget. The proposed budget contains raises to bring our police officers and two highway department employees up to a fair and equitable salary based on a compensation study of comparable positions in New Hampshire. For all other town employees, the budget proposes a 2 percent raise. Davis quoted Selectman Larry Dingee as saying that he “opposes the proposed raises for the town employees.” For the record, Dingee initially proposed a 3 percent across-the-board raise for all town employees. It was only after others spoke out that this was reduced to 2 percent. Dingee opposes the wage adjustment of a few employees who are currently undercompensated.

Heather Meeks