Letter: Persuade Obama to Kill Keystone

To the Editor:

Why are so many people heading to Washington this weekend to demonstrate in opposition to the Keystone Pipeline project? It’s not just because the project could mean “game over” for a habitable planet, as most of our leading climate scientists agree it could. As it happens, through a jurisdictional oddity, the president has the authority to withhold permission for this pipeline to cross our borders. Without that permission, the project is likely to be written off by mega-corporations as a bad investment. This could conceivably deflate the entire tar sands industry. In other words, this is one of those rare times when a single individual has the power to significantly affect the global environment with an up-or-down decision. No consent is required from Congress, or other countries: It’s up to Barack Obama alone. Right now he’s thinking about it.

Obama is a decent man, and no fool. But on this issue, he needs to wake up. Anything we can do to sway him — whether through protest, argument or simply by demonstrating our passion for defending our children’s future — could help him muster the courage and wisdom to do the right thing. It’s almost a unique chance to make a difference. How many of those do we get?

Anyone with the urge to add their voice should consult the website 350.org. See also the excellent article by Michael Klare on the TomDispatch.com Website. As Klare, not a man given to overstatement, puts it: “The stakes in this battle could not be higher.”

Dan Breslaw

West Corinth