Letter: America’s Glaring Problem

To the Editor:

Once or twice a year since 2003, I have written letters to newspapers about how shameful it is that illiteracy is tacitly approved in the United States. (In Cuba, 98 percent of the people can read and write.)

In 2004, an article appeared in a newspaper explaining how I helped guide an illiterate 14-year-old to earn a B in English class in four months. Not one person has contacted me about curing this disease.

All the highly educated, smart-talking leaders of our country spout off about our education problems. We need the same enthusiasm about helping illiterates as is shown toward football players and other athletes. Illiterates have been cheated by the education system.

Illiteracy is a poor people’s disease. They, too, are America’s future.

Again I plead that all 11th-graders be required to fill out a standard work application form. This should be the first test. Imagine the shocking results.

Roger Small