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Valley Regional Hospital Plans Drill for Monday; Exercise Will Simulate Operating Room Fire

Claremont —Valley Regional Hospital will hold an hour-long emergency drill Monday starting at about 1:30 p.m.

The drill will involve a full response from the Claremont Fire Department and other emergency services. Valley Regional officials said in a news release last week that people should not be alarmed at seeing multiple emergency vehicles on the hospital grounds during the drill.

The drill, simulating a fire in one of the hospital’s operating rooms, is part of Valley Regional’s ongoing emergency preparedness efforts. It will not interrupt normal hospital services.

“Hospitals must be prepared for many different types of emergency situations, ranging from fire and flood, to interruptions to electrical and other utility services, and much more,” Carla M. Skinder, the hospital’s emergency preparedness coordinator, said in the release.

“In an operating room environment, there are many hazards that pose a threat to fire. A fire in a hospital’s operating room is very rare, but it can be sudden, so preparation is essential for all staff.”

The drill will be followed by an operational review by Valley Regional staff, along with fire and other emergency response officials, to discuss the exercise and possible areas for future training or improvement.

— Aimee Caruso