Man Charged In Claremont February Standoff

A Sullivan County grand jury has indicted a Claremont man on charges that he tried to destroy evidence of drug possession while engaging in a brief standoff with police who wanted to search his home in February.

Anthony Jarvis, 33, was indicted on two charges of falsifying physical evidence, one charge of drug possession, and one charge of drug possession with an intent to sell in indictments handed up by a grand jury this week.

Believing that probation officers were about to search his home on Providence Road as part of a drug investigation on Feb. 22, Jarvis allegedly broke containers containing the anabolic drug testosterone, and burned marijuana in his wood stove, the indictments read.

Jarvis faces more than 30 years maximum in prison for the combined charges.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt, but rather a tool for prosecutors to proceed with criminal charges.

Jarvis surrendered peacefully after a three-hour standoff. Jarvis, whose father was killed by police during an armed standoff in 2008, had recently been released from prison after serving three years for firing a shotgun into an occupied pick-up truck in downtown Claremont and then engaging in a brief high-speed chase.

Probation officers were acting on an anonymous tip that Jarvis had 40 ounces of cocaine in his house. Police came to search his home and his vehicle.

Jarvis initially cooperated, but while parole officers were searching the vehicle, he ran back into his house and locked the door behind him.

When Jarvis was ordered by police to come out, “Jarvis yelled he was going to shoot himself in the head.”

They eventually reached him using his wife’s cell phone

“Capt. Chase was told by Jarvis that he just needed some time to calm down and he would come out. Jarvis said he would call back when he was ready,” an affidavit filed in Claremont Circuit Court says.

Phone communication then stopped, and officers soon smelled what they described as the odor of burning marijuana. About an hour after he spoke to his wife, Jarvis walked out and surrendered. Police did not find any cocaine, but found marijuana and testosterone remnants when they finally gained entry into the home.

Also this week, the grand jury indicted a Massachusetts man on charges of causing a car collision that killed a Windsor woman in April.

Luke Garlinger, of Mansfield, Mass., was indicted on charges of two counts of negligent homicide and one charge of second-degree assault, for allegedly speeding and swerving on Main Street in Claremont before slamming head-on into a car driven by Shellie Blaisdell of Windsor.

A police officer had just begun tailing Garlinger and witnessed the collision, according to Claremont Circuit Court documents.

Garlinger was allegedly drunk at the time of the collision, according to the indictments, which did not provide additional details.

He faces up to 29 years in prison

on the combined charges.

Jarvis and Garlinger will likely be arraigned in Sullivan County Superior Court later this month.

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