Claremont House Race Set

Claremont — With no new candidates listed on the Secretary of State’s office website before yesterday’s filing deadline, there will be no primary prior to the special election for the House seat representing the city’s Ward II district.

Former state reps. Joe Osgood, a Republican, and Larry Converse, a Democrat, filed earlier this week. They will face each other in the June 4 election to fill the seat that was vacated when Tom Donovan resigned earlier this year. Donovan won the seat in November against incumbent Republican Charlene Lovett.

Osgood ran for state Senate in November but was defeated by David Pierce, D-Etna. Converse last served from 2006 to 2010.

Claremont has three other House seats, currently held by Democrats Andrew O’Hearne, John Cloutier and Ray Gagnon.

— Patrick O’Grady