Letter: Don’t Take Away Our Track

To the Editor:

It’s very upsetting to see the Canaan Speedway, which has been here for many years, come to an end just because the new owner feels that continuing the current operation will be a loss. Well, it wouldn’t be. The pavement side teaches kids to drive and thrive in racing. The racers look forward each week to racing and competing in their class. This is their lives, their fun and their fortune. They look forward to teaching their kids how to race and introducing them to the joy of competition.

Saying this sport is dying may just be the owner’s way of justifying changes he plans to make to do what he wants with the track.

The racers and fans brought money to the town. Now the town stands to lose as much as the racers will with the loss of the track. I’m there every week, as most are, to show allegiance and faith in these drivers. Sir, think real hard before taking both tracks away.

I know for myself I have no need to go to Canaan or that way for anything. The one thing we love most will be gone.

The new owner is taking away our track and all that goes with it. I cannot honestly say I wish him good luck.

Anna Emde



New Owner, but No Racing: Sale of Canaan Fair Speedway Leaves Track’s Future in the Air

Friday, August 16, 2013

Canaan — With a new owner about to take charge at Canaan Fair Speedway, there is a degree of uncertainty over just what will become of the popular racing venue. But one thing is certain: the speedway will not host a summer of dirt and asphalt auto racing in 2014, although motorsports of some sort will be in the mix …