Letter: Don’t Like the Quote? Talk to Me

To the Editor:

The David Tupper who was quoted in Wednesday’s story about the defeat of the proposed renovation of Mascoma Valley Regional High was me, the senior Dave Tupper. My son, David Tupper Jr., and his wife Kam, who works for Mascoma, have different opinions about the project. The people who have been calling them to express their dislike of the quote should get their facts correct about who was quoted. I have no doubt that Dave and Kam both supported the school proposal and probably voted for it. If you have a problem with my quote, you are very welcome to express it to me. Thanks for letting me clear this mess up.

David Tupper Sr.



Mascoma Regional High School Proposal Falls Short of 60%

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Canaan — For the third time in five years, residents said no to a multimillion dollar upgrade for Mascoma Valley Regional High School. The vote for the bond was 1,807-1,240 — or 59.3 percent in support — falling just shy of the required 60 percent majority. A group of supporters gathered at the SAU office in Enfield yesterday as votes …

Letter: Same Name, Different Opinion

Thursday, March 14, 2013

To the Editor: Thank you for your recent front-page story on the Mascoma Valley Regional High School proposal and for quoting those who were interviewed while entering and exiting the polls. While one of your interviews with a gentleman who has the same first and last name as I do allowed him to share his thoughts on why he voted …