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Letter: More Care Needed With Obituaries

To the Editor:

It is interesting to note that your “Obituary Policy” was absent from the Nov. 24 paper. As a regular reader of the obits, I always find it horrifying to see the typos, poor grammar and run-on sentences that routinely appear there. For those not familiar with your policy, you state, “Valley News obituaries are printed as written by families, with editing only to correct obvious spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.” Please tell us that the proof-reader was on vacation when these were prepared for printing! One of your obituaries stated, “In Lou of flowers, donations ... may be made to ... .” Perhaps this “Lou” error falls to the funeral home, but someone at the newspaper should have fixed this one. Perhaps your staff needs to have some sensitivity training regarding these important pieces of history. When writing my mother’s obituary two years ago, I spent a great deal of time getting it just right. Those who grieve want this as a piece that honors a loved one’s memory, not a piece that is an embarrassment to all.

Ruth I. Conwell



Letter: Responsibility for What’s Published

Monday, December 10, 2012

To the Editor: I agree with the recent letter complaining about the Valley News running obituaries with spelling and other errors. Those mistakes show that the obit submitters are not polished writers. It is lazy journalism to allow obvious errors such as “in Lou of” to appear in print. Newspapers are responsible, and liable, for all content. Errors reflect on …