Letter: The Problems on Route 4

To the Editor:

It’s good that a communitywide discussion of the problems of Route 4 has begun. I’d like to add a few suggestions and observations, some possibly already mentioned:

∎  Repaint the center and fog lines, which are dangerously faded in many places, and fill in the collapsed shoulders. Both of these are serious obstacles to navigation, while repairs should not be overly taxing to the state’s road budget.

∎  Vermont’s lack of attention to its older drivers (two victims of recent crashes were over 70) may be a problem. We turn them loose without relicensing until they become likely to hurt themselves or others.

∎  Our increasing addiction to cell phones and iPads has deluded many of us into ignoring physical reality. We live in an increasingly bodiless pseudo-world where it’s fatally tempting to dismiss what’s going on beyond our devices, including center lines and other cars. No road improvements will eliminate such hubristic misalignment with reality because it is an addiction. I think this issue is the most difficult to solve and thus should require the most attention.

Nan Bourne



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