On Election Day, Barnard to Vote On Zoning Regulations

— Those heading to the polls on Election Day will find themselves face to face with a ballot item a little more grounded than the presidential race.

Barnard residents will be able to vote on a handful new zoning regulations on Nov. 6, which they’ll find on a separate Australian ballot at the polls, Selectboard Chairman Tom Morse said.

The main change from previous zoning regulations, Morse said, is the reduction of minimum lot sizes from two acres to one acre, which is part of the state’s and the Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Planning Commission’s plan to concentrate the development of populated areas.

According to Morse, the proposed changes didn’t cause much controversy — the town Planning Commission held several hearings, and the Selectboard held one as well. The study that resulted in the changes was financed by a state grant and completed by the regional planning commission, he said. “I didn’t notice any particular objection,” he said.